Who are we ?

S.a. Aigremont n.v. is a 100% family firm that was founded in 1934 by Olivier and Marie Thiry, the grandparents of the current managing director, Philippe Thiry..

Originally, the Thiry family owned a butcher’s and came up with the idea of creating a subsidiary to recycle the fats. Olivier Thiry therefore set out to find an optimal solution to process the meat fats that were previously thrown away. This initiative gave birth to the idea of manufacturing margarines, animal fat being a common ingredient in the recipes at the time.

What started as a hand-made production obviously evolved over the years, whether in terms of the raw materials, and the methods of production used. Thanks to a policy of constant investment, the margarine plant now has a production tool at the forefront of technology. Thus, from a food wholesaler and occasional producer of margarines at its inception, the company has now become a fat specialist and offers a wide range of products specifically designed for all types of customers or applications.

But while the company is firmly focused on the future and the technical nature of its products, it remains true to its roots and its family spirit. Also launched in 1934, the OLMA brand (a contraction of the names of the founders, Olivier and Mary), remains a great source of pride!

It is also this never-ending desire to look forward and to develop products that respond to our customers’ most complex problems that led us to launch, in the early 2000s, a range of lubricants of vegetable origin. Even today, we are trying to evolve these lubricants and release agents to offer cutting-edge solutions for every kind of use, whether in the food or non-food sectors.